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The EQ6 Mount

On Saturday, April 28th, Glen Speers of Sky Intruments dropped by to show off one of the early EQ6 mounts. I still do not have all details about this mount, I will update this page as I learn more. What I do know for sure, I am posting here for you. If you are on a 57K dial up modem liek myself, this page will tkae a bit to load up.

The first image is of Glen and I standing in front of the EQ6 with the legs contracted, image two is of Glen disassembling the EQ6 mount with the legs fully extended. The legs are 2" diameter stainless steel, and very sturdy. Heavy too. The tripod lone - collar and three legs - weighs 16 pounds.

Sorry the images are not clearer. The standard EQ6 wil come with dual axis drives built in, while the advanced model will ahve a GOTO system I am told. No idea on performance yet, this particular one is till being tested out by Glen. But you can see it takes standard 12V and a phone jack style connector. Image two is my hand over the same area, to giv eyou an idea of the size of this thing.

Front and read images, showing the polar finder scope.

You cannot see it in this picutre too well, but on my digital postal scales, the head alone is 37 pounds in weight. Adding the legs at 16 pounds means the moung - without counterweights - is over 53 pounds. Add in counterweights, the total shipping weight will be at least 100 pounds, or 45 kilos. The major drawback to this mount right now is the shipping costs are going to be a real killer! The second image shows an EQ4/5 dovetail plate fitted into the top of the EQ6 mount head. This dovetail plate is a clone of the Vixen dovetail plate, so my belief is Vixen mounted telescopes should fit on the EQ6 mount just fine.

One last picture of the EQ6 mount in all it's glory. Well, kinda. I did NOT get to see the hand controller, counterweights, nor actually test it out. Confimed delivery dates, pricing, etc, are still not set in stone. I heard some estimates - all good - but nothing I want to bet the farm on yet.

So, all I can say was I am very impressed, and I think it will be a big selling item (pun inteneded). Overall fit and finish are very good - better than the EQ4/5 mount, IMO, but still not as good as say my older Losmandy CP-100 or Vixen and Astro-Physics mounts I have seen. I do think this mount is serious competition for the Losmandy G-11 or Vixen GP-DX, rather it fills a spot just below or beside those mounts. For serious astro-photo applications I would still reccomend a better mount, but for hoisting those 150cm (6 inch) refractors, this baby will more than do it.

One last thought. You cannot tell from these pictures, but this mount is FREAKIN' HEAVY! I mean it is a lot more massive than it looks. You do not, and i repeat, do not want to be walking around very much carrying this thing by hand. You want a nice spot maybe no more than 15 feet from your back door or car trunk. Call me a wimp if you like, but this thing is just plain old solid dead weight, and i am looking forward to testing one out - soon I hope.



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